Blogging…an end


Occasional comments via blogging is a great idea and I thought having it open for responses would be OK too. However, I was simply spammed by bots or whatever wanting me to buy or access their products or services. So I turned off the responses. There weren’t many but the whole experience was depressing. Now, in an increasingly hacked world, … Read More

Towards the year end

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On reflection the year has, for the most part, been that essential mix of the interesting and the unexpected. It’s what contributes to an excitement about the next year. The past year was that combination of sustainable, sad, inspiring and fulfilling that is necessary¬† to look forward with a very positive outlook. And I’m saying this from the perspective of … Read More

RIP Sisto Malaspina

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The tragic death of Sisto on Friday 9th November 2018 has shocked Melbourne and changed Bourke St for many of us. The events are deeply disturbing and so unexpected that we are stunned by the bizarre situation that took place. We live in very complex times. Personally, I really do not want to believe what has happened. A true Bourke … Read More

Vale Chris Mann

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Just heard today the sad news that Chris had died last month. I last spoke with Chris at the ANU Art School around 2013, I think. Before that, I caught up with him in New York in the early 1990’s. In the late 1980’s we spent weekends at Launching Place with Katie and Oscar. In 1989, I performed with Chris … Read More


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It’s typical that the motivation to keep the blog running diminishes over time to the point where it gets embarrassing. However, there has been the usual amount of distractions and laziness to fuel procrastination so I feel completely justified in doing this now. So what have I to say? To begin with, there has been nothing completely earth-shattering of note … Read More

Easter Week

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Apart from CSI and Studio work on the WiFi meters (which is coming along more or less successfully), reading has been taking up my time this past week. First the technology. All the different ESP modules order, have arrived and most have been experimented with to some degree. The most impressive has been the ESP32 DevKit v1. This will probably … Read More

Week in Review

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I haven’t progressed as far as I would have liked with the site this week.¬†I can see it will be an ongoing exercise just getting it looking right. There is still a lot to learn and refine as far as layout goes. It’s far from intuitive at the moment, unfortunately. Interesting experience though. However, I have progressed quite a bit … Read More

Coming together

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OK, I think I’m getting a handle on this. Very different and feature rich compared to the dark old days of page hacking. Looking forward to seeing what I can contribute here.