PoD (Points of Departure)

Traces through people and ideas

I’m interested in the idea of tracing certain people and ideas through Wikipedia and other related links.
It frequently happens that someone comes to my attention and I have a sudden curiosity to know more about them.
When consulting Wikipedia and various links I invariably encounter other people, in some way connected to the initial person who consequently I also find interesting and thereby reference them as well. And so it goes.

I wondered if I could create chains of references, perhaps that I could reference again, for my own amusement, originally using Latex but now I feel Weblinking logically better, Simply because it is mostly the primary source of information.

As the trail of inquiries takes place on the Web, through the browser history, I realized I had the trail already documented and time-stamped. It is simply a matter of cutting and pasting. However, I would like to interpolate some kind of graphic that defines the nature of the transition between one link and the following link. I’ll think about that but for the moment it is just a list of oldest to newest.

List of Interesting People

PoD-1 Edmund Wilson


PoD-3 From China Heritage