Starting from the Wiki on Dune, I’ve traveled…

1 Dune (novel) – Wikipedia
The release of the latest cinematic incarnation of Dune has prompted me to think about it through the Wiki web and beyond where necessary. There’s the history of the original book series, the characters who influenced them, and many underlying inspirations for ideas in the books. These ideas have themselves often historical sources that can be sourced from the characters below.
2 Lesley Blanch – Wikipedia
From Blanch, Herbert took information for his novel. Blanch was also a very interesting writer.
4 Romain Gary – Wikipedia
Gary was Blanch’s husband and also a very interesting person who connects to Seberg
5 Jean Seberg – Wikipedia
Gary left Blanch for Seberg
3 Sterling E. Lanier – Wikipedia
Lanier had Dune published but because of poor sales, it cost him his job.