Week in Review

I haven’t progressed as far as I would have liked with the site this week. I can see it will be an ongoing exercise just getting it looking right.
There is still a lot to learn and refine as far as layout goes. It’s far from intuitive at the moment, unfortunately.
Interesting experience though.

However, I have progressed quite a bit with the new Studio project.
The technicalities are more or less sorted out and now the actual construction of the project needs to start. This involves designing a (physical) object for presentation.
Have to think about this a bit more because there are a number of options and layout strategies possible, and I’m undecided on these.
More technology will be arriving for it this week that will impact on the look, so I can continue to tinker for a bit longer yet while I hope a design begins to solidify.

Weather is becoming what one would expect in Autumn. Very pleasant but a reminder of what Winter will be like soon enough, pop up now and again.

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