It’s typical that the motivation to keep the blog running diminishes over time to the point where it gets embarrassing.
However, there has been the usual amount of distractions and laziness to fuel procrastination so I feel completely justified in doing this now.
So what have I to say?

To begin with, there has been nothing completely earth-shattering of note since the last post but more a kind of quiet progression in a positive direction.
Working backward through things of note, this week Andrew and I got the tracking system we’ve been tinkering with at Foy’s Arcade for the last 9 months working at an impressive level.
Preliminary, as it is, the results are inspiring but did require a leap to another technology that happened about a month ago.
So this marks, a continuance with CSI that I wasn’t really expecting but there it is. I’m looking forward to more innovative projects with them this year.

The other project I’m working for Andrew this time, the images of which can be seen on this site, moves a step closer to realization with the go-ahead to build the first prototype.
I’ll start on that this coming week.
Over the past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with different technologies (wifi modules, types of displays, IDE platforms, here I’m switching to using Visual Studio from Sublime 3).

Away from the tech stuff, I’ve been tinkering in the “garden” and planted a new Daphne and Port Wine Magnolia.
Our Frangipani has finally started flowering just as Winter approaches and the Gardenia has also but stalled a bit. It always seems to be flowering anyway.

I just got a copy of Simon Winchester’s new Book, “Exactly” on the history of “Precision” in shaping the modern world. Looking forward to starting on it after some other texts I have to get through.

We were in Canberra briefly in early April which was interesting. I mostly felt like a tourist in a town that I spent 12 years of my life!
It just seemed uninspiring when once it wasn’t. So like most places where one has to live is where the action is.
Unless of course, you get paid to do something somewhere else.

Hmm, well I’ve got a feeling there was more to write about but I can’t think of what it is or whether it is that important now.
Perhaps it was once. I’ll add it is that is the case.

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